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Wrought Iron Gauges – What you need to know

Wrought Iron Gauges – What you need to knowIron Scrap NPD

 You may have heard of the term “Gauge” when it comes to dealing with metal products. The gauge of wrought iron is measured by it’s thickness and density. This tool is contrary to common practices of measurement. When it comes to wrought iron gauges, the lower the number, the more durable the integrity.


Gauge /ɡāj/ Noun

 1.An instrument or device for measuring the magnitude, amount, or contents of something, typically with a visual display of such information.

2.The thickness, size, or capacity of something, especially as a standard measure, in particular.


         Brief History of the Gauge           

 The gauge is a very old form of measurement used originally in the Old British wire industry during the early 19th century. The word itself is said to have been derived from from the French word “Jauge” or, “result of measurement”. This tool was used to calculate the thickness of steel wire so that a standard size could be entrenched. Over the last few centuries, this technology has been developed and widely used by metallurgists for varies types of metal work (i.e Wrought iron).


Which Gauge is Best for Wrought Iron Doors?

 In the Wrought Iron Door business, there are ordinarily two gauges of wrought iron used; 12-Gauge & 14-Gauge. As explained above, the lower the number, the higher the density. Therefore, without having to think twice, we know that a 12-gauge wrought iron door is far more tenacious than one crafted from 14-gauge iron. For this reason, our company at No Problem Doors provides only the highest quality 12-gauge wrought iron products for our clients.


  •  12 Gage Steel is more dense and therefore, more durable.


  • 12 Gauge is thicker and harder to work with while 14 gauge is lightweight and pliable.


  • 14 gage wrought iron may bend over time due to weather and pressure changes


  • 12 gauge will not warp and is desirable for outdoor structures


Whether you are seeking wrought iron entry doors, railings, gates or windows, No Problem doors offers products crafted from the highest quality 12-Gage wrought iron. 








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