Sanctuary From The Elements – Hurricanes

If you live along the pacific coast, you may be in an area prone to the potentially destructive affects of tropical storms, or even more harsh, hurricanes. Keeping your living and commercial space as guarded as possible during these seasons can make all the difference.

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We’ve all seen it on the news. What starts as a mild to severe tropical storm can very quickly escalate to an infamous hurricane. Destroying hundreds to thousands of homes.
However, there is a choice that home & business owners in these areas can make that may reduce potential damage done: Impact Glass.

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By installing wrought iron windows or wrought iron doors equipped with impact glass, you could save your residential or commercial space from extensive damage by shielding these areas from debris and the pressure of water & wind.

Hurricane Resistant Impact Glass is made specially for these conditions by incorporating two layers of glass bonded together with a protective inter layer. This creates a more secure glass that can not be broken or compromised like normal glass. In addition to it’s weather resisting properties, it also adds noise reduction as well as reinforced security to your space.

So for those of you who reside on the coastline, impact glass could make all of the difference for you and your family when it comes to storm security and damage reduction. Don’t let mother natures worst get the best of you.

Here at No Problem Doors we can provide the highest quality impact glass for your iron doors & windows. contact us today for a free estimate.

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