How are iron doors made

How Are Iron Doors Made?

Iron doors have become a popular option among our customers. They can give your home a special ornate look. They can set your home apart from every other home on the block.

When someone spots an iron door they see more than a slab of metal. They see something that symbolizes values, strength, and success. To put it in perspective, they’re the Rolls-Royce of doors.

Throughout the years, we’ve gained a lot of experience in designing and selling various door options. Now we’d love to give you an inside look into how the making of iron doors.

Iron doors offer a high level of security

Iron doors offer a high level of security

Iron doors are by far the most secure. Some designs contain wrought iron that goes over wood. In some cases, a thick layer of glass is added to improve strength and security. They’re nearly indestructible. The high-quality materials used offers amazing levels of durability to last years to come.

On top of that, the iron used is also quite heavy. Attempting to move these doors is a true challenge. During the construction process, the thick iron is struck thousands of times. This process creates an impenetrable barrier.

This tough design can ward off burglars. An intruder would have to repeatedly hit the door to make an impact. A thief would simply look for an easier target.

They are a long-term investment

All types of iron doors are very durable. They can last for decades even with minimal maintenance, much longer than any other type of door.

They’re handmade and processed until they reach high-quality standards. These doors are guaranteed to last a lifetime and even outlast the house around them. When you invest in a quality iron door, you won’t have to spend another dime on repairs for the rest of your life.

They are made with energy efficiency in mind

They are made with energy efficiency in mind

All modern iron doors are engineered and constructed with insulated foam and thick layers of glass. The combination of these two features provides impeccable insulation. The ventilation remains intact so there are no drawbacks to this kind of design.

Iron doors also have an interior glass panel that can be opened to let air in. The frame of the door isn’t forgotten. All steps taken ensure air or water is not leaking in.

This design allows for sturdier construction and prevents cracks from within. The positioning of the glass allows sunlight to shine through. This way you can have the perfect natural light on a sunny day.

Construction process

The construction process is never overlooked. It’s a vital step in delivering high-quality doors. Heading the construction process is a highly qualified team of engineers.

Using high-tech tools, a skilled team creates strong durable iron doors. The last step is a hand-forged finish made of high-quality steel. The whole construction process is monitored to ensure quality standards are met. This is how the very best iron doors are created.

Investing in custom made iron doors will bring your home security and originality. They are truly a piece of art that gives your home the perfect touch. A once-in-a-lifetime investment that will pay for itself over and over in the years to come.

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