Historical Iron Door Designed for NY Suburb

Every once in a while, No Problem Doors gets the opportunity to bring something great to a town. We recently were granted an opportunity to design a custom iron door for an NY suburb, Cedarhurst. No Problem Doors was honored to recently collaborate with the Mayor of Cedarhurst, Benjamin Weinstock, Ari Brown, and Salvatore Evola to bring an extravagant custom iron door to this New York suburb.

We are immensely proud to be a part of such a historic community and suburb of New York. The Town Hall wrought iron door features their Latin motto “Cavendo Tutus” with the custom seal we produced for them. Give Cedarhurst Village Town Hall a visit today and see the quality and splendor of our iron doors in person.

We are happy to supply the suburbs of New York City with custom doors to complement their perfect home. If you’re interested in designing a custom iron door in the NY area, get started with No Problem Doors today.

Location: ​Village of Cedarhurst, New York