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Wrought Iron Gauges – What you need to know

Wrought Iron Gauges – What you need to knowIron Scrap NPD

 You may have heard of the term “Gauge” when it comes to dealing with metal products. The gauge of wrought iron is measured by it’s thickness and density. This tool is contrary to common practices of measurement. When it comes to wrought iron gauges, the lower the number, the more durable the integrity.


Gauge /ɡāj/ Noun

 1.An instrument or device for measuring the magnitude, amount, or contents of something, typically with a visual display of such information.

2.The thickness, size, or capacity of something, especially as a standard measure, in particular.


         Brief History of the Gauge           

 The gauge is a very old form of measurement used originally in the Old British wire industry during the early 19th century. The word itself is said to have been derived from from the French word “Jauge” or, “result of measurement”. This tool was used to calculate the thickness of steel wire so that a standard size could be entrenched. Over the last few centuries, this technology has been developed and widely used by metallurgists for varies types of metal work (i.e Wrought iron).


Which Gauge is Best for Wrought Iron Doors?

 In the Wrought Iron Door business, there are ordinarily two gauges of wrought iron used; 12-Gauge & 14-Gauge. As explained above, the lower the number, the higher the density. Therefore, without having to think twice, we know that a 12-gauge wrought iron door is far more tenacious than one crafted from 14-gauge iron. For this reason, our company at No Problem Doors provides only the highest quality 12-gauge wrought iron products for our clients.


  •  12 Gage Steel is more dense and therefore, more durable.


  • 12 Gauge is thicker and harder to work with while 14 gauge is lightweight and pliable.


  • 14 gage wrought iron may bend over time due to weather and pressure changes


  • 12 gauge will not warp and is desirable for outdoor structures


Whether you are seeking wrought iron entry doors, railings, gates or windows, No Problem doors offers products crafted from the highest quality 12-Gage wrought iron. 








Window & Door Hinges

Door Vocabulary

Door Vocabulary – No Problem Doors


Our Team at No Problem Doors understands the importance of understanding the products you invest in.

That’s why we put together a list of Door Vocabulary, to help you better understand the functionality and design of our Wrought Iron Doors.



– The actual door, without the frame or any other components.


Door Slab


Door Jamb

– In architecture, this is the side-post or lining of a doorway (i.e The wooden framework, the vertical portion of the door frame onto which a door is secured.)

                                                                                                               Door Jambs Double Door.1


Measuring the Jamb

– Follow the picture below to measure the Jamb Size. Standard Sizes are usually: 2”x 4”, 2”x 6”, 2”x 8”.


Measuring Door Jamb

In Swing & Out Swing

– In Most cases, exterior doors tend to be In-Swing doors, meaning that they open towards the interior of the space. You’ll need to decide upon opening if you want to door to swing inward or outward as well as whether you want the handle to be right-handed or left handed.

In swing out swing


Door Sweep

– A flexible weather stripping used at the top and bottom edges of a door.

Door Sweep


The Seal or Weather Stripping

– Is made from a nylon coded rubber seal. This seal prevents any debris, water, or air from the outside to the inside and inside to the outside.

                                                                                                                 Rubber Seal Window Seal


Trim or Moulding

 The decorative edge/frame that hides where the jamb meets the surface components.

                                                                                                  Trim_ Moulding


Rough Opening

–  The framed size of the opening (remove any casing to get an accurate measurement). The inside of the framing members. Rough openings are typically 2″ wider and 2″ taller than the door that is to be installed.

Rough Opening


Frame/ Casing

– The frame / casing is what secures the door and hold it in place.

Frame Casing


Piano/ Pin HingesFor Windows and doors

• Used to secure the door into place on the frame so it will open and close smoothly.
• Used to secure the window into place on the do so it will open and close smoothly. Along with allowing ventilation and easy cleaning.

                                                                               Window & Door Hinges Window & Door Hinges

Tops of Hinges

– They unscrew to be able to put lubrication in the hinges to keep them moving smoothly. They unscrew for easy access.

                                                                                                                                                   Open Hinges


 Types Of LocksPull Handle with Rolling Latches & Deadbolt

  • Pull Handle with Rolling Latches & Deadbolt

Pull Handle Rolling Latch


  • Standard Lock (Strike Plate and Latch Bolt) with Thumb Latch or Handle:
    • Strike Plate is the part that the door latch slides over and into.
    • Latch Bolt is the part that slides over and into the strike plate.

Standard Lockset Standard Lockset

Deadbolt Latch (1) Deadbolt Deadbolt Latch Bolt


  • Three Point Locking (The Vault Lock) – A picture says a thousand words. There are 12 points of contacts which makes the door virtually impenetrable. This system is easy to operate and gives the highest security in hurricanes, burglaries or any other unforeseen circumstances that want to get in your home.




Screw Latch for Window on Door

The Screw latch allows for the window or windows on the door to open just by unscrewing the latch. Once unscrewed you move it to the side to allow the window to open.

                                                                                                           Screw Latch 1 Screw Latch 2



Magnetic Screens can be made to for your door as well. That are easy to take out when cleaning and put back when done. They allow nice ventilation through when wanting to leave the window open. The screen sits behind the scroll work and in front of the glass.

                                                                                    Screen 1 Screen 2


Scroll Work

Is the design in front of the iron. It what makes the door unique and where the most intricate part of the design is.



Kick Plate

Is the bottom of the door. It is Wrought Iron to protect the bottom of the door.

Kick Plate


ThresholdIs a strip of Wrought Iron forming the bottom of a doorway and crossed in entering a house.



Side LightsThey are narrow vertical windows on the sides of the entry door for accent.



Mounting Tabs They are tabs around the frame that secure the door to the Jamb to hold the door in place.




A Transom is an added part to the door that goes above the door. The design on the inside usually matches the door and allows extra light to come through the window.



3 Types of doors

There are 3 general types of doors; Square Top, Arched, and Rounded.


  • Square Topped:


Square Topped

  • Arched / Eyebrow:



  • Rounded




Sanctuary From The Elements img 1

Sanctuary From The Elements – Hurricanes

If you live along the pacific coast, you may be in an area prone to the potentially destructive affects of tropical storms, or even more harsh, hurricanes. Keeping your living and commercial space as guarded as possible during these seasons can make all the difference.

Sanctuary From The Elements img 1

We’ve all seen it on the news. What starts as a mild to severe tropical storm can very quickly escalate to an infamous hurricane. Destroying hundreds to thousands of homes.
However, there is a choice that home & business owners in these areas can make that may reduce potential damage done: Impact Glass.

Sanctuary From The Elements img 2

By installing wrought iron windows or wrought iron doors equipped with impact glass, you could save your residential or commercial space from extensive damage by shielding these areas from debris and the pressure of water & wind.

Hurricane Resistant Impact Glass is made specially for these conditions by incorporating two layers of glass bonded together with a protective inter layer. This creates a more secure glass that can not be broken or compromised like normal glass. In addition to it’s weather resisting properties, it also adds noise reduction as well as reinforced security to your space.

So for those of you who reside on the coastline, impact glass could make all of the difference for you and your family when it comes to storm security and damage reduction. Don’t let mother natures worst get the best of you.

Here at No Problem Doors we can provide the highest quality impact glass for your iron doors & windows. contact us today for a free estimate.

Steam Home Dream Home img 3

Steam Home, Dream Home.

As a company we take delight in serving our customers nation wide. And with that comes the ability to travel the country and see new and beautiful places. This week we had the pleasure of traveling to stunning Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a client’s wrought Iron project. Our Stunning wrought iron doors treated with our thermal block is the perfect combination for a home or commercial space that faces the harsh reality of winter.

Steam Home Dream Home img 2

During our time in the Rocky Mountain town we saw many amazing views such as: Mount Werner, Rabbit Ears Pass & The Yampa River. There are endless trails to explore and discover & this time of year is considered their “mud season”, which means that things are pretty quiet around town. We enjoyed a peaceful weekend in the fresh air and splendid views.

Steam Home Dream Home img 3

With patches of snow still scattered throughout, we got to enjoy the last touch of winter in this quaint town mixed with the beginning signs of spring. Birds singing, the river gently running and the crispness of a breeze still laced in the coolness of snow were a few of the experiences we got to enjoy during our stay. We hope to serve more of the beautiful mountain towns of the Rockys in the future and look forward to the completion of our current projects.

Your Thoughts, Our Design, We Make It, All Yours, No Problem.

4 benefits of having a wrought iron door img

4 Benefits of Having a Wrought Iron Door

4 benefits of having a wrought iron door img 1

If you’re considering replacing or implementing a wrought iron door into your commercial or residential space, then you have made a wise decision.
Wrought iron doors have much to offer. Below is a list of 4 benefits that having a wrought iron door will provide for you.

1. Strength – If strength and durability are important factors for you, then wrought iron is exactly what you’re looking for. Wrought iron is known for it’s extreme durability, especially against the brutal effects of weather – whether it be the brutal heat of the sun or frigid absence thereof.

2. Security – It’s no secret that in today’s world security is imperative. And where safety is a concern, Wrought iron doors have your back. These doors come with a matching 12 gauge wrought iron frame to create a stable & dependable structure.
At No Problem Doors, you can upgrade to a 3-point locking system and impact glass for additional security.

3. Increased Property Value – Should you ever decide to sell your commercial or residential property, investing in a wrought iron door is an intelligent decision. A wrought iron door is not only durable and secure as mentioned above, but it is also appealing to the eye, which means that it is more apt to attracting buyers. Installing a new door will increase the value and reimburse your investment with an increased value.

4. Customization – When you look around your neighborhood, what do you see? The same old boring doors, right? Why not let a talented blacksmith forge you a beautiful wrought iron door with any design your imagination could conjure up? Stand out in the crowd and make a bold statement. With a perfected work of art that is customized to your personality, you are sure to impress.

customize your door img

Customize Your Door Beyond Custom With A Touch of Personal Artwork

Customize your door beyond custom with a touch of personal artwork.

Imagine walking into your home and seeing your family crest or your family’s initials on your wrought iron door. There is nothing more gratifying than having something in your home that is completely personalized and unique. Both durable and impressive, installing a wrought iron door, gate, window or railings in your home will add value to your property. And in addition, it is a work of art that can be enjoyed timelessly by family and friends.

From spirals & twists to Alphabetical and numerical designs, there is nothing that we can’t design for you at No Problem Doors. Please feel free to browse our galleries for examples of custom designs for wrought iron doors, windows, gates & railings. We can recreate any design that you fancy, or create something completely unique for you.

Come & be a part of our story and let us create a masterpiece for you.