Creating Unique Iron Entry Doors in Illinois

Ms. Velez of Palos Park, Illinois wanted an elegant Double Wrought Iron Door and we at No Problem Doors could not refuse. The amazing latticework & floral design found a special place with our Blacksmiths, as designing this door was a very enjoyable process and the French-style architecture added a beautiful touch to this creation. Not only were we able to assemble to door with precision and elegance, but our Client was incredibly happy with the outcome – As a company this is what we live for.

If you are in the Illinois Area and are in need of Custom Wrought Iron for your Residential or commercial space, please feel free to send us an inquiry or contact us!

Location: Palos Park, Illinois


Elegant Entry Doors in Maryland

A client from Sparks Glencoe, Maryland came to us wanting a truly unique Wrought Iron Double Door. Her vision for the scrollwork was truly amazing that by the time our Blacksmiths were finished forging the door and paired it with our “Rainstorm” glass selection, it was truly a wrought iron masterpiece to be in awe of. These iron front doors were built with durability & fashion in mind. We enjoyed working with this client very much and look forward to seeing the final installation.

If you are in the Maryland Area and are in need of Custom Wrought Iron for your Residential or commercial space, please feel free to send us an inquiry or contact us!

Location: Sparks Glencoe, Maryland



Serving all of Texas with Security Wrought Iron Doors

No Problem Doors serves several clients in Texas a year. This is because our doors are not only durable against the heat, but also very energy efficient as well. Selecting Iron entry doors for your residential and commercial space is a smart investment, especially if you’re looking to add equity to your property.

The Horowitz residence of Carrollton, Texas desired a Front Wrought Iron Double Door that would create a modern yet sleek design. The circular and linear architecture paired with our Aged Bronze Patina Finish and Clear Rainstorm glass really brought their vision into completion.

If you are in the Texas Area and are in need of Custom Wrought Iron for your Residential or commercial space, please feel free to send us an inquiry or contact us!

Location: Carrollton, Texas


Iron Doors Specially Crafted in Alabama

Hollis – Wrought Iron is a growing trend in Alabama and at No Problem Doors, we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of it.

The Hollis residence of Spanish Fort, Alabama wanted a simple, yet durable iron entry door. Sometimes the simplest design can be so powerful. This simple window-inspired design with a matching transom was just the right touch that this property needed to look strong, dignified and polished. To keep everything looking prim and polished, this door was finished in Matte black and paired with a simple clear glass.

Whether simple or complex, No Problem Doors can do it all and If you are in the Alabama Area and are in need of Custom Wrought Iron for your Residential or commercial space, please feel free to send us an inquiry or contact us!

Location: Spanish Fort, Alabama


Iron front Door

The Charm of Iron Front Doors


Iron front Door

There is a variety of ways to build the entrance to a home, one of the most popular choices is with Iron Front Doors. The entrance is a portal into your living space, into the essence of who you are. When it comes to installing Iron Front Doors, there are many things to consider. You’ve probably searched various websites for guidance, however, many of the other online guides miss out on several important details. You see, building a home with an iron front door is extremely cost effective. If you’ve already searched into the cost of a new wrought iron door, then you obviously know what I’m talking about. You really get the value out of purchasing an iron door because of it’s reliability, durability & security factors. But these aren’t the only highlights of becoming the proud owner of an Iron Front Door, here are some of the other benefits:

Design – You can easily create a custom design with wrought iron, as the metal is very malleable and can be forged into anything you could dream of. No one else will be sporting a design on your iron front door which is only unique to you and your personality.

Strength – This goes without saying that iron front doors are built extremely strong, which makes them a wise choice for long term durability.

Unique – With custom designs, no two iron front doors are the same. These doors will be completely unique to you & your family.

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration when it comes to our latest design, building, renovation projects or just a little help finding your custom style. Luckily, if you consider yourself needing a push, No Problem Doors can assist you.

Nowadays front doors are not made of just simple glass, wood or fiberglass. You don’t have to rely on lumberyards and stock companies. Our professional blacksmiths are including more unusual yet long-existing uses for materials such as wrought iron and providing a completely custom experience for our clients.

Let’s picture a community of homes where every door is more or less configured in a similar fashion – Wouldn’t you love to be the odd man out with a gorgeous and custom Iron front door amongst all of the wooden segments? Making your statement bold and making the entrance to your living space truly your own. Claim your individuality and hone your exclusive essence by decorating your home with wrought iron. At No Problem Doors, we are more than willing to walk you through the process of attaining custom wrought iron work. Our Blacksmiths are eager to work with you & for you.


Door Vocabulary

Here at No Problem Doors, we’d like to do our best to create simplified guides to help you in the process of installing a wrought iron door into your commercial or residential space.  Here is a short list of some of the most common vocabulary words used for doors.


Slab – The actual door, without the frame or any other components.

Door JambIn architecture, this is the side-post or lining of a doorway (i.e The wooden framework, the vertical portion of the door frame onto which a door is secured.)


In Swing & Out Swing – In Most cases, exterior doors tend to be In-Swing doors, meaning that they open towards the interior of the space. You’ll need to decide upon opening if you want to door to swing inward or outward as well as whether you want the handle to be right-handed or left handed.

Door Sweep – A flexible weather stripping used at the top and bottom edges of a door.

Trim or Moulding – The decorative edge/frame that hides where the jamb meets the surface compontents.


Rough Opening –  The framed size of the opening (remove any casing to get an accurate measurement). The inside of the framing members. Rough openings are typically 2″ wider and 2″ taller than the door that is to be installed.




Amazing "Sweat Equity" For Your Home

Amazing “Sweat Equity” For Your Home

Beautify Your Home

Adding gorgeous Wrought Iron Entry doors is an excellent decision to raise the value of your home. Any addition that complements the architecture of your home adds value. When renovating a traditional-style house, the timeless and attractive look, and lifetime lasting build qualities that are inherent of Wrought Iron Doors, are a wise investment indeed.

Plan Your Project in Advance

It might be tempting to do a project in phases if you want to save money or just take it slow. But especially when it comes to custom built homes, it is imperative that you plan your orders right away, to make sure your doors are ready for you when you move into the home.

Save Money

With No Problem Doors, you’re getting the absolute best deal, no exceptions, for a Custom Wrought Iron project.

Be Energy Efficient

Our Wrought Iron Doors and Windows are insulated with polyurethane, and, for cold weather climate doors, we can build for you a door that wont sweat even in the coldest of climates, thanks to our patented cold weather treatment.

When In Doubt, Turn To Our Team

No Problem Doors expert staff are always willing to assist you in your designs, and can make your vision a reality, no exceptions.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Wrought Iron door

7 Reasons You Need A Wrought Iron Door.

Installing wrought iron doors in your home’s entryway is one of the best ways to add a touch of class to your home’s exterior. These gorgeous doors come in a variety of elegant styles and patterns.
Besides to the visual aesthetic, wrought iron doors have several other benefits.

1. Iron Doors Increase Home Value

Iron entry doors make your home appear more expensive. They add actual value to your home as well. Wrought iron is an upgrade to your home.
It improves the look of your home as well as the neighborhood. Should you ever decide to sell, this enhances curb appeal and leaves the impression you want on potential home buyers.
Presenting a distinguished home on the market may make buyers more willing to meet your asking price.


2. The Prestige of Wrought Iron Doors

Let’s face it. Wrought iron doors are more than cool. They are elegant, classy, and a sign of prestige. A classic home has iron doors, gates, and perhaps other iron ornamentation as well.
If you go by the adage that your home is your castle, then there’s no better material for your entryway than a castle gate of wrought iron. As an aesthetic, an iron door stands apart. Your home will stand apart from others in your neighborhood. Wrought iron is common in museums, palaces, and cathedrals. Iron gates are also prevalent in government buildings and private mansions.
Iron states that the structure, be it a museum or a private residence, is somehow exceptional; it presumes affluence.


3. The Unique Beauty of Wrought Iron Doors and Gates

There is a distinguished beauty to wrought iron. It has a definitive substance and weight. It also contains masterful and precise craftsmanship. It is, therefore, a piece of art in your entryway.
Given your entryway is the first impression of your home, what better way than with the beauty of iron. Iron doors are far from conventional. They are gorgeous and extraordinary.
It’s not unheard of for homeowners to install iron doors and then notice passing cars slow down or even stop to admire them. Some even get out and ask the owners for the name of the manufacturer. A well-crafted iron entry door inspires pride in your home and beauty that doesn’t fade with time. In fact, many homeowners who move out of their home will install a wrought iron entry in the next home they purchase.


4. Design Possibilities

We have talked about prestige and elegance. There is room within that to choose designs that reflect your style. Wrought iron is malleable and gives artists a wide range of design.
You can go with a classic look like that of a medieval castle. Or you can choose something more modern and Zen-like.
You can also choose different textures and colors. There are also elements that you can incorporate into the design. Some of those include sidelights, transom, or landscape accents.


5. Iron Doors and Gates Improve Security

A practical benefit to having wrought iron doors is improved security. Iron doors protect against home invasion more than any other type of door. Iron doors are more difficult to enter than traditional doors. They discourage thieves from attempting to break in. The majority of designs incorporate wrought iron over thick glass or wood. Homeowners can often clearly see who is standing on the doorstep. They can decide whether or not to open the door. Also, the decorative grillwork is intricate. It prevents a home invader from putting an unwanted hand through to you.
Iron doors are not entirely indestructible. But they are sturdy and heavy. They make it more difficult for someone to get through such a door.
Iron doors don’t take the place of a proper security system. But a thick iron door will add another layer of security to that system. Steel is also fireproof. Not even a battering ram can break through a wrought iron door. Security is the main reason why castles and government building from ages past until today choose wrought iron doors for their entryways.

6. Long-Lasting Durability

Iron doors are more than an aesthetic choice for your home. They are a quality investment. Iron doors last for years and keep their polished and elegant look.
Because of the sturdy and durable iron they are made from, these doors can withstand great pressure. They will stand against extreme temperatures and natural elements without needing to replacement or repair.
The double wrought iron found in exterior doors is made from a high grade of steel. You measure the grade by gauge. The highest quality wrought iron entry doors are typically 2 inches thick or 12 gauge. A skilled ironworker forges and beats the iron into shape by hand. The door’s strength decreases when the gauge is higher than 14. As the gauge number goes up, the thickness and strength go down. Lesser quality steel doors consist of thin steel that a machine presses into shapes through an automated process. These cheaper doors use a 24 gauge steel. They are thus much less durable.

7. Let the Light Shine In

Most modern homes are designed with light in mind. They have an expansiveness to the design that reflects warmth.
Designers often use natural materials like wood floors, marble countertops, and iron railing to add to that feeling of space and light.

An iron door lets the light pour into your home, along with fresh air if you so choose. You can open the windows installed into the door while still being protected by a closed, locked iron door. This is no comparison to the window glass installed in a wood or fiberglass door.

You can enhance the light further by adding sidelights and transom to your home. This is especially lovely if your home has a tall entryway. It creates a floating circle of light, if you will, above your front door.

Where to buy a wrought iron door

Where To Buy A Wrought Iron Door

Where To Buy A Wrought Iron Door

Where to buy a wrought iron door

Be selective when looking for a business to buy a wrought iron door from. There are many companies that claim to make a high quality product, but without proper knowledge, blind trust can lead you down an expensive and disappointing road.

Most wrought iron products are made over seas in places like China or Mexico, however the difference in quality can be significant. Most doors that are manufactured in Mexico are composed of 14-gauge wrought iron, a less dense and lower quality iron. It is better to trust a company who forges their projects in China where they use 12-gauge wrought iron, the highest quality iron available.

Make sure you do your research prior to jumping into the trust of a company you have never dealt with before and always ask plenty of questions. If a company ever hesitates to answer you, then it is obvious that they are trying to omit information and should give you the red flag to move on.

Look for companies that are completely open and knowledgeable in their field, such as No Problem Doors, where our staff is always equipped with the answers you may need.

Having a large selection of glass and door finishes as well as a talented team of door specialists, blacksmiths and designers is something that we can take pride in and provide our clients with a simple process of design.

We provide the highest quality wrought iron products at an affordable rate. Contact us today for a free project quote.

Your Thoughts, Our Design, We Make it, All Yours, No Problem.

Keeping Your Wrought Iron Rust Free

Keeping Your Wrought Iron Rust Free

Keeping Your Wrought Iron Rust Free

Maintaining your wrought iron doors, railings, windows & gates properly play an important role in durability & longevity. Though the metal is strong, it is no secret that without proper cleaning, wrought iron can form rust, while its divots can easily collect dust.

This may create a less than desirable appearance for your home or commercial space.

However, by following a simple cleaning routine once every few months, you can keep your wrought iron looking spectacular and rust free for years to come.

What You Will Need

  • A Mild Soap (e.g Castille soap or liquid dish soap)
  • A Bucket with water
  • A Sponge or Cloth
  • A Drying Cloth

Maintaining your wrought iron doors Maintaining your wrought iron doors Maintaining your wrought iron doors

How To

Mix a small amount of soap into the bucket of water (about one teaspoon) and mix to create suds.

Next, prep your wrought iron door, gate, window ect. by using a lint free cloth or wipes to remove dust & then spray down the surface with a hose. (If cleaning interior, wipe down with a wet cloth)

At this time you can begin using the soap & water mixture to clean the wrought iron with the sponge or cloth, making sure to get into crevices where rust may be more likely to form. When finished, spray or wipe away the soap leaving a clean surface & dry thoroughly (again, making sure to dry the crevices, you do not want to leave the iron wet).

-These simple steps can make a world of difference when it comes to the vitality of your wrought iron and at No Problem Doors, we help alleviate the worry of rust and aging with our special treatments, created to support the rust-free life of your wrought iron Projects. Call us today for more information.

Our talented team members are dedicated to providing you with the answers you need to create a masterpiece of your very own. Your satisfaction is our destination.