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Wrought Iron Door Installation Guide

No Problem Doors | Wrought Iron Installation Guide

It is imperative when having a wrought iron door installed that the task is executed properly. These heavy portals must be handled with the upmost care and competence, lest damage should occur. While not an exceedingly complicated process, there are a few important keys to keep in mind when handling these doors. That’s why our Team at No Problem Doors created these detailed instructions to help guide you on your installation journey.

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Before we begin, please take into consideration these points of warning:

*For the safety of the door and the work area, please keep in mind that when disassembling the glass from the slab, products should be placed on top of cardboard (or the like) to protect it and the surface underneath from obtaining scratches or other forms of damage.

*Do not attempt to install a wrought iron door alone. These doors are very heavy and require at least 3-4 people to be able to lift the pieces into place. If you are hesitant in the slightest, it is in your best interest to hire a professional to complete the job.

*Assure that the space around the install site is clear of wires or other objects that may be stumbled upon. This is for the safety of those carrying the heavy weight of the doors’ segments.

*Be mindful of walls and the spaces around you when transporting the frame(s) and door(s) into place.

*Keep Children & Animals away from the install site. Failure to do so may result in injury.


  1. Step One:

-Removal of the Old Door –

Out with the old & in with the new! -Follow these simple instructions on how to remove the door of the past and make way for something elegant and new.

                                                                                                                                                     – Removal of Slab –

  • Disassemble the pins from the hinges using a prying tool and hammer.
  • Taking caution, open the door slightly and pull slab away from hinge location.
  • The Slab should detach from the wall. You can now transport it to a different location.

– Removal of Trim –

  • Cut around the outside of the door trim using a blade, taking care with precision.
  • Once cut around, have a Trim Pry Bar handy; a tool specially made for these spaces.
  • Using the Trim Pry Bar, go around the edges of the trim & working your way through the entire length of the trim.
  • Remove the pieces.

 – Removal of Frame/jamb –

  • Make sure that you unscrew the hinges from the frame.
  • Beware of existing wires used for doorbells or security systems.
  • Using a Jamb Saw, or similar tool, begin to cut around the edges in the space where the frame meets the wall. This will allow the saw to cut through any pre-existing nails or bonding agents that may hinder the removal of the frame.
  • The frame should then lift out of the rough opening.


NPD Removal of Trim jamb


2. Step Two:

– Installing the New Frame/Jamb –

It’s time to replace that old door frame with something durable & secure.


 – Checking The Space –

  • You Want to make sure that the space between the outside of the jamb & the rough opening has at least ½” of space between & around all of the edges.
  • It is wise to inspect the integrity of the framing that will be surrounding your new door. Make sure it is solid and sturdy to reduce the risk of movement or affliction after installation.
  • Next, verify the height where the door sweep will be located in association to where the floor is. Plans for placing rugs or Floor Coverings will account for the height measurement as well, so take that into consideration.
  • The door needs enough clearance for the door slab & the sweep to be opened smoothly.
  • Assure that all debris has been cleaned from the area.


– Installing the New Jamb –

  • Remove the door jamb from the packaging
  • Using a lifting assistant or a few able-bodied workers, lift and carry the frame to position.
  • Be mindful of the spaces around the frame to avoid damage.
  • Place the new jamb into the rough opening and make sure that the bottom of the frame is resting flush with the sub floor.
  • Use a leveler on all sides of the jamb to ensure that it is straight and plumb.
  • Locate the bolt holes in the jamb.
  • Secure the jamb to the wall using the bolts and hardware provided.


Wrought iron jamb

3. Step Three:

– Placing the Slab on the Jamb –

Introduce the most intricate & beautiful part of a Wrought Iron Door to your space.

  • If the frame is secured properly, then it is time to prepare the slab to be hung up.
  • Remove the operable glass from the slab. This will help lighten the load of carrying the door.
  • Be sure to lay the glass down gently on top of some cardboard or other type of layer to prevent damage from occurring to the iron, glass or floor surface.
  • Transport the slab(s) to the entry way being careful not to grab the scroll work, as this could cause damage or bending in the design.
  • Make sure that the slab has been rotated in the correct direction that Is to be displayed.
  • With the help of an install team, gently lift the Door Slab 90 degrees onto the hinges.
  • Lower The Slab gently and slowly into place.


4. Step Four:

– Re-Assembling the Door glass –

Handle the operable glass carefully.

  • Carefully lift and transport the operable glass to the newly assembled door.
  • Gently lift and place glass onto specially crafted hinges.
  • Softly open and close the glass to make sure that everything is operating correctly.
  • If your door includes magnetic screens, make sure that they function properly as well.
  • You may now fasten the screw latch(s) on the window to secure properly.


5. Step Five

– Installing the Door Handles –

The last & final step!

  • There are a variety of different lock & handle sets that your door can be bored for.
  • At No Problem doors, we have a variety of handle & lock sets that you can purchase from us. The great thing about this option is that we specially craft these sets to fit our doors precisely. This way, you don’t have to run into the worry of buying from another manufacturer hoping to find the correct fit.
  • When you buy a handle & lockset from No Problem Doors, we install them for you, prior to shipping. That way, your door is delivered in absolute and ready to go.
  • We offer Welded Handles, Thumb Latch (American Standard) & Three-Point-Locking Systems (only created within our facility during door production).
  • Otherwise, depending on what kind of lock & handle set your door was created for, you will want to aquire and follow the instructions given by the company that they were purchased from.


Viola! There you have it.

An ornate and durable wrought iron door to last you throughout the ages. 

Your Thoughts, Our Design, We create It, All Yours, 

No Problem Doors. 


Scroll Work No Problem Doors

What Is Scroll Work?

What is Scroll Work?

If you’ve ever admired the majestic designs and engravings integrated into the bodywork of wrought iron doors, windows, railings, fences, gates or even home décor, then you are already familiar with scroll work.

To be simply put, scroll work is a beautiful way to make something unique out of rough material. This concept dates back to the late 1700s, when wrought iron was first discovered and later utilized for architectural purposes.

It’s true that the originally intended purpose of wrought iron was for structural integrity. However, it wasn’t long before they discovered that this malleable metal alloy could be worked into any shape or form. This began the up rise and demand for decorative iron.

In our modern age, wrought iron has not gone out of style. In fact, the desire for custom work regarding home design is at an all time high. With our advances and discoveries in metallurgy, we are able to create durable goods at a more productive rate while still maintaining the appeal of craftsmanship.


How Is It Produced?

Scroll Work is crafted by hand through a heat treating process. This allows the alloy to be persuaded into other appearances.

Join us in our Forge and see how one of our skilled Blacksmiths hand works the wrought iron into meticulous segments of scroll work to be later assembled.


As you can see, the wrought iron is heated and then twisted into shape. This process is done in preparation for assembly of the final design of the project. No Problem Doors’ Architecture and configuration team work around the clock to insure the quality and functionality of the products we provide. From the mere idea to final production, we strive to make the process of creation as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

Your Thoughts, Our Design, We Make It, All Yours, No Problem.


Regal Wrought Iron Doors & Windows in San Joaquin County

In a beautiful city located in the San Joaquin County of California resides one of our most admired clients. They came to us asking for Wrought Iron Windows and two entry doors. They wanted the design to depict classic Scroll-work with a twist for their residence. Our company crafted this project with the clients needs in mind & most importantly, the highest quality wrought iron available.  This project were completed in our Matte Black Finish and Clear operable glass, providing the client with the classic & orderly style that he desired.

Location: San Joaquin County of California

Front Entry Iron Doors in Louisiana

Customization is our Pride at No Problem Doors. We love when clients come to us with a truly extraordinary vision. Our Clients in Metairie, Louisiana requested a truly special touch when they wanted their last initial to be incorporated into the design of these charming Wrought Iron Double Entry doors. The linear and curled scrollwork created a very refreshing appearance and the arched top provided an air of grandeur. When it comes to custom work, we truly put our best foot forward.

Location: Metairie, Louisiana

Custom Iron Entry Doors in Missouri

Missouri is full of beautiful homes, so when our client from Ozark reached out to us to provide her with Double Front Entry Doors for her home, we seized the opportunity to add grace and beauty to an already lovely home. What she desired for a design was a concoction of elegance, rustic, classic & ethereal elements. The scrollwork incorporated curled, linear and diamond shaped designs and an arched top to match. Paired with a swirled-style welded handles, this door is sure to impress and withstand the test of time.

Location: Ozark, Missouri


Intricate Hand Forged Wrought Iron in Fresno, California

Intricacy & attention to detail is a virtue when it comes to our hand forged Wrought Iron Doors. And that’s exactly the work we put into this elaborate project. This client from Fresno, California was not shy when it came to the multiplicity his vision entailed. Very detailed and ornate scroll-work encompasses this unique and complex entry door. To add even more opulence to the project, we added a personalized kick plate to the bottom with the residence family name.

Location: Fresno, California


Energy Efficient Doors in Arizona

To withstand the torrid climate of Arizona, our client from Glendale decided to invest in a double wrought iron entry door for her residence.No Problem Doors are built to keep the cool air in and the heat out, that’s why they are an incredibly energy efficient choice for any climate. With very classic curled scrollwork, linear configurations and a rivet-inspired bottom, we kept this simple design classy. Finished in our Matte Black & Clear Aquatex Glass.

Location: Glendale, Arizona

Door Type: 12 Gauge Wrought Iron Double Doors – Welded Handle Set

Finish Color: Matte Black

Glass Selection: Clear + Clear




Custom-Made Wrought Iron Entry Doors in New Jersey

Our Client from Parsippany, New Jersey contacted our company for a single wrought iron entry door for their property & we were more than happy to accommodate their request for classic, yet unique curled scrollwork finished in our Aged Bronze Patina & Paired with Reflective Flemish operable glass. This door was equipped with our Thermal Block, a technology designed for clients who live through cold winters to prevent the doors from freezing and sweating. We hope that the Klein residence finds years of purpose and joy from this wrought iron door.

Location: Parsippany, New Jersey


Old English Inspired Doors in Tennessee

Tucked away in the charming community of Summer County, Tennessee lives one of our valued clients and his beautiful residence. Mr. Bates reached out to us regarding a Double Wrought Iron Front Door for his property. We knew that the old English inspired scrollwork and the floral rivets would harmonize with his home design. This door was completed in our Aged Bronze Patina Finish & Clear Tempered Glass.

Location: Summer County, Tennessee


Serving All of Canada with Beautiful Custom Wrought Iron

Not only do we take pride in serving all of the United States, but we have moved on to serving other parts of the world as well, such as British Columbia Canada. Mr. Sztenia of Coquitlam B.C desired a Matte Black Double Door with Vintage Heart scrollwork & Clear Glass. Our Blacksmiths worked ceaselessly to assure that our Canadian Client got exactly what he asked for. We hope that this doors brings many years of durability & joy to the Sztenia household.

Location: British Columbia Canada